Oricat ma straduiesc eu, indiferent cate planuri imi fac, mereu esuez cand vine vorba de a reusi sa mananc constant de dimineata. Si atunci cand reusesc, sa nu va mirati ca o sa consider evenimentul demn de memorat! ­čÖé

Pe langa cerealele cu lapte de soia si sucul de morcovi, am servit si o salata de fasole verde, facuta foarte rapid si simplu, cu urmatoarele ingrediente:

fasole verde
ceapa si usturoi verde
sare si piper

Am fiert fasolea verde si am pregatit maioneza.
In robot am pus fasolea strecurata, morcovul crud, si ceapa cu usturoiul. L-am lasat sa le invarta de cateva ori sa le marunteasca, apoi le-am scos intr-un bol unde le-am amestecat cu maioneza si l-am potrivit la gust cu sarea si piperul.


The truth is that, no matter how hard I try, how much I plan, I always turn out to be to lazy or to busy for eating breakfast. So when I finally have a chance to eat a good, healthy breakfast, don’t be surprised if I consider it an important event.

So for thie morning, beside the usual cereals with soy milk and carrot juice, I prepared a salad from green beans. For this you will need:

green beans
1 carrot
spring onions and garlic
salt and pepper

Boil the beans and, meanwhile, prepare the mayo.
Put the beans, the carrot, onions and garlic in a mixer and let them spin a few times until they are cut into small pieces. When they are ready, take them out in a bowl and mix them with the mayo, adding the final touch with the salt and pepper.

As simple as that. Good morning! ­čÖé