O reteta:

I’m making a chestnut pate for supper tonight, no, not a nut roast, darling, what a tease you are, a proper pate, composed of minced pork and veal mixed with chestnuts, bound with butter, flavoured with thyme and juniper berries, that I’ll cook in the oven in a proper earthenware terrine (…) and I am making a proper tomato sauce, just as you taught us, with finely chopped
celery, onion, parsley, carrot and garlic sweated in olive oil to start it off…

„Dragostea trece prin stomac” sau pasiunea se reflecta si in bucatarie?

Love is the power. So simple, isn’t it? I cook well for you because I
love you. Supposing you were here, supposing that you turned up after supper,
very hungry, well, as an amuse-gueule I shall serve you deep fried battered sage
leaves, perfumed with just a drop of lemon, and deep fried spoonfuls of egg
white lightly mixed with grated Gruyere, fluffy golden clouds perched on tiny
rounds of toasted baguette, and then afterwards deep-fried battered courgette
flowers stuffed with minced mushrooms and chicken bound with cream.

Mai multe aici.